• Type: Swivel Head table size: 63" x 12" X traverse: 50" Y traverse: 13" Z traverse: 19" Quill Travel: 5" Spindle Speeds: 28 to 1400 (18) Spindle Taper: 50 international 3 axis DRO Power feeds and rapids all directions
  • Serial number: B 47626   Table size: 43 x 9.5” X axis traverse 29” Y axis traverse 8” Z axis traverse 21”   Spindle Speeds: 48 to 1500 rpm (22) Spindle Taper: 40 int Horizontal and 40 Int on Vertical Head Dials Feeds: 1/4 to 25" Per minute Coolant Vertical head
  • 18" x 10" capacity Max height under the wheel is 15” Magnetic chuck Dust extraction Metric calibration Machine in very good condition Machine weight: 1 tons Machine Dimensions: 5' x 4' x 6'
  • Spindle speeds: 40 to 2040 (18) Spindle taper: No 4 Morse Spindle travel: 410mm Feeds: 0.066 to 0.963 Max spindle to base: 70" Column Diameter: 14" Graduations: metric Power Locking EQUIPMENT Safety brake Box table Coolant
  • Type Bench standing with horizontal light path Screen Rotating 400mm diameter, vertically mounted, with hood Image Erect, reversed left to right Power supply 220 / 240 volt 50Hz or 110 volt 60Hz Weight 120kg (264lb) Packed weight R400: 177Kg Stand: 45Kg R400 packed dims 1210mm x 820mm x 1470mm Stand dims 1040mm x 680mm x 950mm   The R400 model consists of  400mm diameter translucent screen with chart clips  Digital angle measurement, with 1 minute of arc resolution  Profile illumination with fan cooled lamphouse  High intensity fibre optic surface illumination  x10 magnification lens  Collimation lens  Helix adjustment  Machine slotted, chrome plated, cast iron workstage  Green filter PLUS MORE
  • Semi Automatic Capacity 330mm Dia rounds Swivel vice Quick action vice Spindle Speeds: Variable belt change Bearing blade guides Wire brush Coolant
  • model: Turret Serial No: 369620282w Type: Belt head table size : 48"x9" table traverse: 29" cross traverse:12" vertical traverse: 16" Spindle Speeds: 67 to 4600 (16) Spindle Taper: R8 Spindle Feeds: power feed to quill Calibration: imperial coolant: yes heidenhain DRO approx weight:800kg approx dimensions : 6'x5'x7'
  • DRO: Heidenhain 2 axis DRO system Feeds: Power Feeds to X axis Spindle Taper: R8 Table size 42" x 9" Varispeed head Hardened chrome slides Lovo light Coolant Swarf tray Machine in very good condition
  • Ram stroke 1″ to 12″ Cutting speeds 19,30,45 & 75 s.p.m Work table size 24″ Throat depth 24.5″ Tool slide adjustment 16″ Machine complete with Power feeds Tilting ram Very Good Condition

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