Everising H-560-HA

Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, round: 22”

Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, rectangular: 24”W x 22” H

Blade dimensions: 260” x 2” x .063”

Blade guides: Roller bearing & carbide

Guide arm (manual / powered): Manual

Blade speeds: 60-300 FPM

Number of speeds: Infinite

Blade motor: 10 HP

Blade drive type: Belt & pulley to gearbox

Blade tension type: Hydraulic

Blade wheel size: 28”

Hydraulic motor: 3 HP

Coolant motor: 1/4 HP

Coolant type: Flood

Dimensions: 134” x 86” x 80”

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Everising H-560-HA automatic bandsaw (Addison)


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