• Serial no: MBJ nr / 8521 Threading Machine Tooling Coolant Machine in very good condition
  • More pictures and sizes available
  • Work table - 400 x 250m Max workpiece - 530 x 400 x 280mm Max table workload - 450kg Longitudinal traverse - 230mm Cross traverse - 160mm Ram vertical travel - 300mm Max table to head travel - 150mm (min) 450mm (max) Max ram workload - 30kg Max working speed - 150mm/min Electrode wear ratio - Below 0.35% Max surface finish - 15 vd Max process current - std - 150amp, opt - 30amp Power consumpsion - 2.5kva Filter tank capacity - 300L Generator Model 30a - 21"w x 43"d x 41"h
  • New 2011 Jetwash 84 840mm diameter basket 100% stainless steel construction Insulated double-skin construction Fully-automatic Over 150 litres of water sprayed every minute Water to tank is filtered to remove debris in the debris filter basket Components flash dry in seconds Low water sensor Excellent condition

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